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Michael Pavloff, VP of Strategic Solutions
Terran Orbital

Michael Pavloff has been in the space business for 35 years, working in satellite and launcher products for commercial, international and US Government customers.  In the early part of his career, Mike served as chief engineer and program manager on a number of US Government programs for Boeing and Raytheon.  He also served as executive director at Maxar, managing a number of European contracts in the GEO telecom world.

More recently, Mike has served as CTO of RUAG Space (now Beyond Gravity) and OneWeb Satellites.  In his role as VP Strategic Solutions at Terran Orbital, he is responsible for developing new satellite architectures and industrialization plans for constellations and serial production, as well as technology roadmaps required to support those architectures.  Mike has a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard and a master’s degree in aero and astro engineering from MIT.

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