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Dr. Ignacio Zuleta, VP Product Imagery Platform

Ignacio is a leader who works with technologists and scientists to help them productize and operationalize Earth Observation Missions. Mr. Zuleta believes that the most successful products are realized when design and operations are tackled simultaneously using a user-centered agile approach. He has supported Remote Sensing development groups as well as Payload Systems Engineering teams where they were able to operationalize novel data products at scale using a combination of hardware and software for the first time in their industries. Ignacio has extensive experience in instrument design, physical sciences, systems biology, earth observation and systems engineering in addition to innovation management.

Ignacio has previously served as Head of Remote Sensing at Indigo Agriculture, Inc. and Senior Director of Payloads at Planet Labs, PBC. He holds a doctorate in Physical chemistry from Stanford University and has served as a postdoctoral fellow at University of California, San Francisco.

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