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With innovative Star Sensors and LiDARs on our way to the Moon, Mars and beyond

#visionary As vast as the universe is, there is no space for inaccuracy.

#reliability The ASTRO® APS is the world’s most successful star sensor with over 400 flight patterns ordered. It is successfully used in a variety of missions by almost all international satellite manufacturers.

#future Jena-Optronik’s latest innovations – ASTRO® CL, an extremely compact, lightweight and radiation-hard optical head for small satellites and the new (mega)constellations.
In addition, the successor to our ASTRO APS: ASTRO® APS3, the next generation versatile Star Sensor for the high-rel space market.

#teamspace For decades now we’ve been making space missions possible: enterprises that are as spectacular as they are successful. We are proud of our products, team and support for your mission.

Company Website: https://www.jena-optronik.de/

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