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Comtech is a leading provider of innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions. With more than 50 years of proud history in technology innovation and product quality, our cutting-edge satellite communications solutions are deployed globally to support governments and commercial users on mission critical applications. The high-performance and flexibility of our satellite networking and network optimization systems, meet the unique demands of service providers, satellite operators, mobile backhaul, mobility and enterprise customers.

We specialize in affordable, high-precision tracking antennas optimized for LEO and MEO satellite missions like Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, and Communications. As an industry-leading full-service provider of integrated ground station equipment and services for satellite and launch vehicle telemetry, tracking and commanding, we provide high reliability EEE parts management for spacecraft manufacturers. We offer the industry’s largest family of durable and low-maintenance X/Y pedestal antennas that eliminate the keyhole at zenith, cable wrap, and backlash. We also make our own low-loss radomes, as well as carbon fiber shaped reflectors, which enable lightweight, high performance, multi-band antennas. We provide complete engineering services for all ground station related operations, specializing in launch support, range safety, satellite TT&C, and communication systems.

Company Website: http://www.comtech.com

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