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Nathaniel Rogers, Principal Aerospace Engineer
SC Solutions

Mr. Rogers has over a decade of professional experience solving complex engineering problems. Though applying his trade in a multitude of industries over his career, his primary area of focus and passion has been in aerospace and astronautics – specifically in Space Technology. After working towards his private pilot license in high school and being accepted into Purdue’s esteemed flight school, Mr. Rogers decided to pivot and apply his passion to the engineering side of aerospace. Exposure to the space industry during internships with NASA and other space science institutes further galvanized his enthusiasm.

As a practicing engineer, Mr. Rogers has honed skills in Structural, Systems, and Thermal engineering. It is in the Structural discipline, which he thinks plays a critical and fundamental part in any design, that he has gained the majority of his experience. Applications ranging from experimental composite aircraft like the Stratolaunch carrier to advanced science spacecraft like James Webb Space Telescope and the future Psyche Orbiter are just some of the more well- known programs he has contributed to. Mr. Rogers’ expertise has been employed by a range of premier aerospace organizations including NASA, SpaceX, Maxar, Boeing, Airbus, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Air Force Research Laboratory, Raytheon Missile Systems, Viasat, and Northrop Grumman. Whether it be stress analysis, mass optimization, thermoelastic distortion predictions, or ground testing support Mr. Rogers has done it all.

Mr. Rogers is a lead aerospace and mechanical engineer at SC Solutions, a provider of advanced analysis and simulation engineering services. Previously, Mr. Rogers was with Space Dynamics Laboratory, Quartus Engineering, the University of Wisconsin Space Science & Engineering Center, and NASA. He is currently an advisor to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Robotics Technology Group, working to help guide US development and policy in this sector. He received his degree in Engineering Mechanics with a concentration in Astronautics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


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