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Kier Fortier, Managing Director of Exolaunch USA

Kier Fortier is the Managing Director at Exolaunch USA, where he leads US business development and has been involved in the integration and launch of more than 100 multinational small satellites. Exolaunch is a global provider of launch, in-space logistics, integration services and deployment systems for small satellites up to 500 kg. The company is developing Reliant, Exolaunch’s environmentally friendly orbital transfer vehicle for small satellite last-mile transportation to custom orbits and debris removal.
Previously, Kier worked as the Launch Manager at Spire Global and was responsible for the mission management for more than 50 nanosatellites across several different launch vehicles. Before Spire, Kier worked as a Systems Engineer at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, where he supported the Emirates Mars Mission. Kier is an alumnus of the University of Colorado Boulder.

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