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Dr. Burke Greer, Director of Product

Dr. Burke Greer is Director of Product at Edgybees, a cutting-edge company making aerial video and satellite imagery data more accurate and harmonized through ML/AI. 

 Burke has been working within the geospatial industry for almost 20 years. Previously he was Chief Science Officer at Geosite, a YC-backed startup in Palo Alto, California. Here Burke was responsible for using data science to help insurance companies navigate a changing world under climate change and increasing natural catastrophes, among other R&D initiatives. His past work in plant science in Agriculture and Forestry, and his years of everyday geospatial science work taught him how harmonized data is key to success in mapping and ML-based projects.  

 Dr. Greer graduated from the Program in the Environment at the University of Michigan, received a Master’s in Geography from UC Santa Barbara, and achieved his PhD at the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. 

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