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Dennis Gatens, CEO & Founder

Dennis founded LEOcloud to bring to market the first space-hardened, scalable, multi-cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  LEOcloud Space Edge IaaS will enable the lowest latency and highest security for AI and analytics applications hosted in LEO, the lunar region and beyond.  Multi-cloud services hosted in space will drive competitive and operational advantage for commercial, government and military organizations.

Prior to forming LEOcloud, Dennis was the Chief Commercial Officer for Cloud Constellation Corporation where he had global responsibilities for sales, marketing, channel management, and strategic alliances.

With 35 years of experience in terrestrial, avionics and space-based technology, solutions and managed services, he has a track record of bringing emerging technologies to market for managed services working with global partners and service providers to introduce next generation solutions into their communications and cloud service offerings.

Dennis was recognized with a Certificate of Achievement from Boeing for his contributions and efforts on the Boeing 777 development program.

Mr. Gatens earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and his MBA from Radford University.

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